Fishing Spot App: Top 3 to Understand where To Catch Your Trophies

fishing spot app
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Are you looking for the best Fishing Spot App?

The three core words of any activity are where, how and when, and fishing is no exception.

  • HOW:  we can talk for hours and hours about techniques, equipment, approaches and various philosophies. And we’ll do it in other articles, but not today.
  • WHEN:  it comes into play when we start talking about our finned friends and their habits. We fish for pike in autumn, for carp in the summer and trout in the spring. Obviously, those who have been fishing for a while already know that these are not absolute rules and almost all fish in every country always feed: they simply change their habits and food, move to different areas of the waterways and accelerate or decrease their metabolism .
  • And finally the WHERE, cross and delight of every fisherman, panacea for every skunked day and eternal promise of future amazing catches: the SPOT.

How many times have we found ourselves gnawing on the photos of some fish seen on social media? 

How many times, returning from fishing without even a tale to tell, do we invest all our present and future hopes in the next spot, that magical corner of paradise where the fish will jump into the landing net, begging to take a picture with us?

How many times, fed up with the usual catches in the usual 4 spots, we would like to experience something new, but we don’t know who to turn to?

The fishing spots have always been guarded with maniacal care by those who discover them, in order to avoid the supreme plague: LO SPUTTANAMENTO. However, this is an old approach, dating back to when the fish were kept to be eaten and someone else’s catch was necessarily linked to the taking of that fish that we would not have caught. 

Nowadays, thanks to the increasingly widespread practice of catch and release, more and more people are less jealous of their spots, sharing them on the web or on various fishing apps.

Often, however, being told the spots by someone does not have the same value as discovering them on your own. Long walks in dense woods and along the banks of rivers, lakes and canals are essential, but in the age of the web we have great allies: apps.

Knowing how to properly use the right apps allows us to save a huge amount of time, to optimize the preparation of our fishing sessions and even to change during the race if the chosen spot is not giving the desired results. Furthermore, every time we explore a new area, knowing how to consult our apps will allow us to investigate the new area in a short time.

So let’s find out together what the top 3 fishing spot apps are: 

Best Fishing Spot App N°1: Google maps    

Google maps is a must have for any modern fisherman. Knowing how to use it correctly is as important as knowing how to hook a fish or how to cast correctly.

This app provides a multitude of different features useful for our purpose. The main ones are:

  • Satellite vision and Google street view
  • Satellite navigator
  • My maps

Satellite vision and Google street view: Google invests millions of dollars in satellite photographs. Almost the entire planet (except some encrypted areas) is observable from above, with a degree of definition sufficient to make us find locks, dams, bends, lakes, holes, oxbow lakes, streams, cliffs and all the dirt roads not marked on the maps that allow us to get as close as possible to our spots.

Along with the satellite view, Google also offers many photos taken by users and all the street view of Google Street view. We can explore rivers from the road and find where that fish we saw on social media was caught, starting with some background details.

Satellite navigator: we certainly don’t have to explain how to use it. Just mark the road point closest to our spot, and Google maps will magically take us to our destination, keeping us updated on traffic and travel times.

My maps: this function may not be as famous as the previous ones, but when we plan to explore a new area or we plan a fishing trip, it is just as essential. Google maps allows us to create numerous maps, consisting of a list of points with a description. It is like putting bookmarks on the map, but cataloging them by category. Imagine planning a trip to Sweden. You can create “salmon”, “pike” and “grayling” maps, and display them on your screen one at a time or all together to plan your trips, or to see on the map in one go all the information gathered here and there, talking with people, searching the internet or asking friends.

Best Fishing Spot App N°2: Wild Society App

Fishing Spot App

Like Google Maps, you probably already know Wild Society. WS is the most complete app for hunting or fishing enthusiasts in the world, where you can find an infinity of useful information, advice, enthusiasts, spots and deals on the marketplace.

Talking about all the opportunities that WS offers would require an article of its own, so let’s stick to the purpose of this article: finding and managing the fishing spots.

The main functions of WS that can help us in the search and management of commercials are:

  • the catch map
  • An active community
  • A list of lodges and guides

The catch map: WS offers the opportunity to save the location of each capture you upload. If you decide to make it public, it will feed the global map of all catches. If, on the other hand, you want to keep secret a particularly unknown spot, just make the location private and the capture will remain visible only to you, in your personal map.

It is needless to say the incredible opportunity that the WS map constitutes for those who are new to a certain area, for those who are planning a trip, for those who have recently started fishing for a certain type of fish and do not know which courses of water to look for.

An active community: on WS, as on any social network, you can find thousands of fans, in a much more relaxed digital environment and prone to the advice of a normal social network.

Being an app created for fishermen, those who are part of it do so with the idea of sharing what they know and what they catch, and to learn something from other users.

You can engage with thousands of enthusiasts and experts worldwide to share tips and tricks and organize fishing trips. 

A list of lodges and guides: finally there are a multitude of lodges and fishing guides on WS. If you are planning a trip, what could be better than relying on a guide for one or more days, or a lodge for the duration of the trip?

Best Fishing Spot App N°3: Navionics

Navionics is one of the best boating app in the world. The Boating App provides nautical charts for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all the other activities on the water. The same detailed marine and lake charts and advanced features as on the best GPS plotters.

Oltre alle carte nautiche vere e proprie, Navionics fornisce molte altre feature interessanti come 

  • Dock-to-dock Autorouting: it creates a suggested route based on chart data and navigation aids.
  • Weather & Tides: access daily and hourly forecasts, get wind, weather buoys and tides & currents.
  • GPX Import/Export: exchange all your archived items in GPX format with friends.
  • Plotter Sync. update your GPS plotter charts, transfer routes and markers. 
  • AIS: see nearby targets overlaid on your charts in real time, just connecting the Boating app to a compatible Wi-Fi AIS receiver. 

Deeper (Deeper smart sonar & Fish deeper)

The Deeper fish finder App that works with or without Deeper sonar boasts great features for planning your fishing sessions. With these apps, you can find out when and where to fish, measure depth, find targets, enter them, record catches and share them on social media.

The core feature of the app is a small sonar to attach to the fishing rod and cast into the water. Through this sonar it is possible to map the seabed, finding steps, depth jumps, obstacles and shelters. The sonar is also accurate enough to be able to locate schools of forage fish or single large fish.

Do you have other app that you user Fishing Spot App?

Write them in the comments below!

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