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We're pleased to introduce you some of the Wild Society Community Members
Gethin Jones
Being involved with Wild Society App is a great way for me to share with like minded people my passion of hunting and fishing...
Driven and Rough Shooting, Wildfowling
Matteo Arcaio
Among all the "misfortunes" that could happen to me, I approached the FlyFishing and FlyTying technique in 2015, attending both Tech Launch and Autoconstruction courses.
FlyFishing Fresh/Salt Water, Extreme Saltwater Spinning
George Burdess
"...I am now a Pro tyer with Irish Fly Supplies and have attended shows all over the country, I am also a writer for the countryman’s weekly..."
Fly tying, Fly fishing, Wildfowling, Game shooting and Lamping
Luca Ruggeri
"It was in 2009, though, when “the Bass” became like an obsession, and that is when I have decided to start making my own baits using silicone rubber to create colours that were difficult to find in shops.Nowadays I love creating a bit of everything related to baits, from colouring silicone to carving wood or remodelling different shapes with resin"
Bass Fishing, Lure Fishing
Jonny Stephenson
Being involved with Wild Society App is a great way for me to share with like minded people my passion of hunting and fishing...
Walked Up, Stalking
Adriano Marini
When I was around 14 years of age I switched to Spinning, then I start practising C&R when this philosophy - No-Kill - was still little-known, or at least in Italy..
Spinning, Casting.
Francesco "cpt.fragola" Giorgi
I go fishing in the sea basically every day, I have to thank my old man for passing this great passion to me, we spent lot of time fishing together.
Vertical Jigging, Spinning, Drifting.
Mad Tomek
"I dedicate my spare time to tying flies, especially during the winter months since it keeps my passion alive when we have very inclement weather conditions.My intention as Wild Society Blog's testimonial is to write a handy guide for people who want to start Tying their flies;"
Fly Fishing for Trout and Grayling
Angelo Piller
I am a Certified Flycasting Instructor EFFA and FFF and operate as a fly fishing guide in the Dolomites.
Fly Fishing
Jo Stephenson
I am a member of the Hardy fly fishing pro-team and an ambassador for The Angling Trust, and now the Wild Society App!
Fly Fishing
Josh Legg
"Happy hunting and fishing and remember take someone along with you, teach them every detail of the sport you are passionate about, and you never know the...
Upland Game Birds
Stefano Zanardelli
My passion for fishing was passed down through generations; my family has made me experience this hobby since I was a little child.I had started fishing...
Spinning, Casting.
Vittorio Jeff Conti
I'm the Creator of Wild Society App; I love Hunting and Fishing and I spend all my spare time into the wild along with my pointing dogs, Nana and Perla...
Hunting with my pointing Dogs and Fly Fishing for Trout, Grayling and Salmon
Stuart Smith
Hi there, I am Stuart! I started fishing when I was six with my dad in the sea for flounders which soon led onto fishing a little burn behind our house for trout. We used worms, sometimes...
Fly Fishing
Angelo La Marca
I started fishing, as I think everyone else did, in the simplest way: with just a float, a couple of leads, a hook and a worm.
Luca Praloran
Reloading shotgun shells means studying, being inventive and creative. It is an art... it is the ultimate essence of hunting.
Migratory Birds
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