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Fishing, Spinning, Catfish
"fishing follows no rules, use your instinct to find the fish you want"

Stefano Zanardelli

Spinning, Casting.
Spino D'Adda
Hi guys! I am Stefano Zanardelli. 
My passion for fishing was passed down through generations; my family has made me experience this hobby since I was a little child.I had started fishing when I was 4 with just a rod and a floater, as the majority of anglers.
After this long period spent fishing with my grandad, I started taking part in competitions, following my dad footsteps, with good results and precious memories of all those weekends finishing all over Italy.After starting working, I have abandoned this technique and the competitions and started my life as a spinner. I don’t have a favourite prey, I love everything about fishing, from ultralight in small rivers to heavy spinning for wels catfish.
I am particularly fond of this fish, and for this reason, I have founded with a group of friends the “Team Pegs”.
With lots of patience, devotion and passion for this fishing technique I had the opportunity to cooperate with Pure Fishing and Wild Society App.  
How do I live my fishing life? My job and my family take most of my time, and for this reason, I always have a Combo and 4 artificial baits ready in the boot of my car.. 10 minutes or one hour, it does not matter, what matter is not to find yourself unprepared.

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