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“Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion!"

Matteo Arcaio

FlyFishing Fresh/Salt Water, Extreme Saltwater Spinning
Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso
Hi there!
My name is Matteo, I was born in 1990, in a family of Fishermen and Hunters.
My first approach to fishing was when I have started fishing for trouts in lakes, which I practised for several years, also taking part in many competitions, mostly private ones.
I started practising Carp Fishing in 1998, fishing on many lakes, both private (artificial) and natural, and on rivers and caves. All these competitions have led me to be part of F.I.P.S.A.S., which is the Italian Federation of sport fishing (CarpFishing), where I stayed for six years. In 2013, I was nominated the Italian Vice-Champion in the category parallel to that of F.I.P.S.A.S., CarpFishing Italy. During these years I was fortunate to collaborate with CarpaXTutti magazine, for which I have written several journal articles.
Things had changed drastically, very drastically, in June 2014 when I caught my first BlackBass with the Spinning Walking-The-Dog technique. So I have decided to spend the summer studying and researching which could have been my first tropical destination and also I have started practising what is called the Extreme Saltwater Spinning technique. In 2015, I found myself facing my first tropical trip: Maldives (March-June) then followed Africa, Djibouti (October) and Madagascar in 2016 (November).
In 2017 I became a 100% fly fisherman, taking part in two trips to Sweden, one in May and one in Autumn. Among all the "misfortunes" that could happen to me, I approached the FlyFishing and FlyTying technique in 2015, attending both Tech Launch and Autoconstruction courses. In 2018, when I will acquire excellent competencies, my destination choice will be between Papua New Guinea or Seychelles. 
How do I see myself in the next years
Brighter and happier than ever. I will find new motivations, collaborations, challenges to overcome, which will lead me to new adventures and will increasingly challenge my limits. And who knows, I hope that, in the not too distance future, this passion of mine could become my main job.
"Never say never. Because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion!"(M.J.J. # 23)
Hope you enjoyed the read, and I will follow up soon with my next article.

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Are you interested in expanding travel experience or wanting to start? No problem, please contact me: arcaiomatteo@yahoo.it 

I work with the following Charter:-G.T.Fishers Maldives-Pesca in Sweden.

And maybe you also need Artificial Tropic or any FlyFishing accessory (reeds, reels, clothing, BellyBoat, self-construction, etc.)? Simple. 

I also work with a website:www.megafly.it

For any question, doubt, advice, purchase and booking I am available via email (arcaiomatteo@yahoo.it) and Facebook (Matteo Arcaio).

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