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Mad Tomek joins the Wild Society App Team.

Mad Tomek

Fly Fishing for Trout and Grayling
My name is Tomasz Madej and I come from Poland.
I started my fishing adventure in 2008, and my favourite methods are dry fly and short line nymphing as both of them need patience and constant self-improvement.
I fish mostly the rivers San, Dunajec, Ropa and Myczkowce Lake. 
I dedicate my spare time to tying flies, especially during the winter months since it keeps my passion alive when we have very inclement weather conditions. 
My intention as Wild Society Blog's testimonial is to write a handy guide for people who want to start Tying their flies
I hope this will help you catching some great fish!
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How to create a Mudder Zonkler step by step by Mad Tomek:
A new video by Mad Tomek while being busy tying a Mudder Zonkler.
June 28, 2017
Fly tying patterns step by step
The beginning of fly tying is not always easy, and it may discourage you, but when you...
March 17, 2017