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Jonny Stephenson

Walked Up, Stalking
Hi guys,
my name's Jonny Stephenson and I was born and bred in the Suffolk countryside.
I have been obsessed with hunting and fishing from a early age.
My passion for hunting started in my early youth when I would take my BSA meteor air gun and stalk rabbits on the farmers fields. Since then I have progressed to all forms of hunting whether that be grouse in Northern Europe, or Walked up woodcock and stalking deer in my own back yard I have a love for it all. 
Alongside this  I also have developed a mad passion for fishing, traveling the world in search of my next challenge.
I Still live in Suffolk with my wife Jo and our two Labradors Eider and Steller and my 6 working ferrets as this is a fantastic county to pursue both of my passions. I'm a part time kayak fishing guide where I take clients to fish for northern pike in the Norfolk broads, and I help run the Reisastua salmon lodge in northern Norway in the summer.
For me I get the same enjoyment from hunting and fishing, testing my skills against both water and land based species.Being able to experience the types of things I have had the privilege of, whilst interacting with nature is good for the soul. I am a keen cook and being able to come home at the end of the day and preparing to cook an animal that I have shared this experience with makes it taste all the sweeter.
Being involved with Wild Society App is a great way for me to share with like minded people my passion of hunting and fishing, and help promote good ethics and respect within these lifestyles.
Don't forget to follow me on Wild Society App!Download it now!

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