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Gethin Jones

Driven and Rough Shooting, Wildfowling
Hi, my name's Gethin
I'm interested in both fishing and shooting and live in Wales. 
In the part of north Wales where I live and grew up, it's impossible not to be interested in fishing and shooting. We're surrounded by coastline with some great sea fishing for bass, mackerel and other species and our rivers are well thought of for their trout, sea trout and salmon fishing. 
For shooting, we have estuaries as spectacular as any in the country which are excellent places to go wild-fowling and a lot of land here is shot over and we have abundant opportunities to shoot pheasants, partridges as well as wild birds such as woodcock and snipe.I moved back to live in Wales a few years ago after spending many years living in London and Moscow. I enjoyed living in both cities but am much happier having returned to my roots in rural Wales.
I have been a wildfowler since the age of 16 and am delighted to have returned to Wales to live so I can go wildfowling any time I like and whenever we get a good, strong wind blowing, which can be quite often around our wild coastline. I'm a member of two wildfowling clubs and enjoy working on the estuaries in the close season with the other wildfowlers with habitat and conservation projects.I also really enjoy rough shooting, especially with my young Labrador pup, Chester, who I'm currently in the process of training
We're very lucky in this part of Wales as we have very good numbers of woodcock and snipe visit us each winter and I really enjoy the sport these wily wild birds provide.I'm also a member of a local DIY shoot where we enjoy some great sport with pheasants and partridges as well as some excellent pigeon shooting over the crops outside the main shooting season. We're equally well catered for with the fishing we have in north Wales and I enjoy nothing more than catching bass on lures off the rocky points along the coast or catching tasty mackerel from a boat or from the shore. I'm also getting into fly fishing, both for stillwater stocked with rainbow trout as well as the wild brown trout we find in our lakes and rivers.
I enjoy using social media to make contact with others who fish and shoot and really enjoy seeing how everyone enjoys their sports all around the world thanks to Wild Society App!.
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