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George Burdess joined Wild Society App Testimonials Team
"always be passionate about what you do and remember to always enjoy life”"

George Burdess

Fly tying, Fly fishing, Wildfowling, Game shooting and Lamping
Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
My name is George Burdess / Mr. Lamper (my writers name) I was born in Preston, England 1997 and I moved to County Galway, Ireland when I was 4 years old.
I’ve always been passionate about hunting, fly fishing and nature. The first ever time I went fly fishing was when I was 8 and with my uncle bob. It was on a stocked trout lake called Cloghan and the first cast of the day I was in to a rainbow trout!! it was from that moment that I became hooked on fly fishing.
That was also my first and last time to fly fish with my uncle as he passed away in 2010. I’m pretty much a self-taught fly tyer (with 10 years of experience) and angler (12 years of experience) targeting wild Irish brown trout, stocked rainbow trout and northern pike when I’m in Ireland, sometimes during the summer time I’ll travel to family in Boston and fish for all types of fish there mainly being largemouth bass and striper bass. My uncle only gave me a handful of tying lessons before he died but it was the Irish fly fair International Angling Show that thinking back now, blossomed my enthusiasm even more for tying flies. 
It was in 2015 when Steve Munn asked me to give tying demos at the 2015 show and from there things only got better and better. I am now a Pro tyer with Irish Fly Supplies and have attended shows all over the country, I am also a writer for the countryman’s weekly. Of course, what does one do when the trout season is over mhmm well more recently I’ve began fly fishing for northern pike (inspired by good friend Jo Stephenson) but I also do a lot of shooting (hunting) from geese to woodpigeon, to lamping foxes and rabbits, to the glorious woodcock and marvellous mallard. Hunting will always be a part of who I am and what I do.
I have big plans for the future and I am now determined as ever to reach my goals, I am humbled to be the first Irish Ambassador of the WS and to be a part of this family. 
So, follow me and my adventures on facebook, Instagram and Wild Society App.

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