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"odu de bun sempre in strike"

Francesco "cpt.fragola" Giorgi

Vertical Jigging, Spinning, Drifting.
La Spezia
Hello, my name is Francesco Giorgi, born in 1995, I live in La Spezia, a small town located north-west of Italy
I go fishing in the sea basically every day, I have to thank my old man for passing this great passion to me, we spent lot of time fishing together. I love to practice a little all the techniques, from jigging to the coastal spinning, but my real love is drifting for bluefin tuna, a technique that I do practice most of the year and which provided me great satisfaction lately. 
Fishing has become, not only a passion so for me but a real lifestyle that accompanies me every day and that gives me irresistible desire to drop everything,  and run the in the middle of the blue sea. 
I think that the reason that leads us to do this is not so much a wish to take the dream's fish but rather the desire to escape from everyday life to deal with every time a unique experience that only fishing can provide.
 I am also convinced that this sport is a means to raise awareness and can help find smart solutions to safeguard our imagination "playground" ... nature. 
I really hope this opportunity offered by Wild Society App I'll be able to pass on to someone else my "disease" thanks to my stories and there made adventures .. where the sea meets the sun ....

Fishing Big Pike in the frozen tundra
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Fishing Big Fish in the frozen tundra
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Catching dreams on a fly.
The morning did not start very well right away, with only a few forage fish and very “indifferent” fish. My companions did so many launches, but with no result...
March 24, 2017