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Angelo La Marca and the river Adige.
"Today also I'll bring it home tomorrow"

Angelo La Marca

This is the first time I write a blog page, so I am not really sure where to start from. Anyway, I think I should begin introducing myself.
My name is Angelo I'm 24, and I live in Italy, more precisely in my beloved Trentino!
My biggest passion is fishing.  I am a self-taught fisherman, as unfortunately did not have anyone in my family who was in love with this sport that could help me and teach me the secrets of this discipline.I started fishing, as I think everyone else did, in the simplest way: with just a float, a couple of leads, a hook and a worm. 
The real spark came when I discover fishing with artificial baits, which has now become my obsession, pretty handy considering this has now become the main discipline
I chase the dream of oversized fish and more precisely the marble trout, which has now become my obsession.
I love being surrounded by nature, away from the noise of normal life where I can fully experience the river and enjoy spectacular environments in complete tranquillity!
Follow me on Wild Society App. I hope I will have soon some photos and some stories from my favourite river to tell you.

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The Great River Adige
A great day spent on this beautiful like where you can find: tench, carp, rudd, whitefish, without mentioning pike, European perch, bass and the “fearsome” pumpkinseed.
February 27, 2017