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best hunting fishing shots of the week
February 25, 2017

XII Weekly Report for Wild Society

Let's take a look at the best fishing and hunting adventures shared by our Community users the past week + upcoming news!

In the past week, you shared more than 300 adventures with us, that was just amazing! 

Keep it coming!

Upcoming News

As you know we're really working hard to complete the Web App which is going to be the third platform for Wild Society App.
Here a sneak peek of it as promised. More info soon!
You will be able to use WS from your Browser with lots of new features too.

To celebrate the launch of the Web-App we will run a new photo contest (that includes also official WS Clothing); it will be announced on the Facebook page soon. Keep an eye on it!
Some of you have been experiencing many issues while using our App on devices as Samsung s6/s7 and iPhone 6 and 6s Plus; we are sorry to hear this but a patch to fix these problems is being developed; it should get things working as expected.
Get always in touch with us if you are having problems using WS and we will do our best to fix every single issue, we never give up! 
Thanks for your support guys!
Team WS

For all those who wish to be part of the Blog Team, you only need to drop us an email... 

we can't wait to read about your adventures!

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Android Device
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