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WS| Minnow, our first Official handmade lure made by Rugge.
August 25, 2017

Wild Society Project: Minnow

Today I am writing to you about a project that we, in the WS team, have been pursuing for several months and it has seen me physically and emotionally involved. It all started one night, a few weeks ago, when during a conversation about fishing with Vittorio, we started talking about spinning artificial baits that I had built for years for Black Bass fishing.

His interest in this great passion was immediately positive, and after a few minutes we looked each other and said, "Let's do one, based on the needs of the Wild Society App!"

So we began to create a series of surveys within the community gathering a lot of feedback and opinions from WS members from all over the world; so we were able to find out which were the real needs of its members, beginning with the idea of our first WS artificial bait, a Minnow.One of the features this artificial bait should have is versatility, that is, being a “Jolly bait” that could attract interest in a large number of predators, seen and considered the worldwide source of fishermen in our Society.Very marked movement, ease of use and a simple approach to fishing, so it can also be easily employed by those who cast and retrieve while retaining a "catching" high power, this was the initial brief.Wild Society has always focused on quality, so our Minnow had to be absolutely hand-made with the highest standards of look and performance.Starting from these ideas, I began to work on the possible forms, deciding together with Vittorio to make a size that could best represent a small fodder fish, which could be perfect for both small medium size predators and big Trout and Black Bass specimen (to name a few).
A compact Minnow with flat hips and belly, prominent back and characterised by rounded Lexan lips (almost indestructible) with a hand-made bending, typical of the hand made Italian style.I created the first prototype using balsa wood, an easy and fast material to work with that I often use for the early stages of prototyping when I like to have a tangible (in terms of size) reference to what will then be the true and final prototype.After realizing the shape of the artificial bait, I have created the mold, taking into consideration the positioning of the weights and the cut for the insertion of the different Lexan lips (even those made by me); so as to verify the different movements that the artificial bait would assume according to the changes made to their size.
After having established the correct position of the fishing sinker and its optimal amount for obtaining an artificial bait slow floating (SF with slow floating action) I did the grouting and then waterproofed it all with Epoxy resin.Number 6 anchors set, and finally it was time to do some tests in the water!  Honestly, I could not wait, after so many hours spent in the studio and lab to develop the prototype. From the first throws, I noticed that flat hips allowed a very narrow, vibrant medium to fast intensity but with slow recovery, the wobbling was less accentuated, almost imperceptible.The flat sides also allowed the minnow to be ready and respond perfectly to the jerks but needed a well-experienced hand to be able to imitate the right movement with the rod.
Outcomes of the first test in water:
The size of the Minnow was correct, but in order to get a greater wobbling, a more accentuated movement even with linear retrieval and/or slow medium speed, some changes would have to be made, like:-    To round the sides (from flat to rounded ones) to obtain a more harmonious and hydrodynamic surface,-    To smooth the lines that divide the sides of the belly to facilitate the flow of fluids and therefore the bait movement.After applying the necessary improvements, I realised a new sample considering the thickness that the minnow would have had and after finding a wooden strip, I took my pencil and cutter, and I started working on the second WS Minnow prototype.

C u Soon with the second part guys!
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Fishing Big Pike in the frozen tundra
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Fishing Big Fish in the frozen tundra
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