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The beginning of fly tying
Created by
Mad Tomek
March 17, 2017

Fly tying patterns step by step

The first question is “Where should I start?”


The beginning of fly tying is not always easy, and it may discourage you, but when you really love your hobby, and you find somebody who gives you the right instructions it becomes a pure pleasure. 

The first question is “Where should I start?”.
There are different tools with essential features that make the work easier.
 First of all: Fly Tying Vices – nowadays there are different types of vices available on the market. When you buy it, give proper attention to its jaws, which must be durable. My first vice was a Denvise, which I had for years. 
I currently tie flies on Griffin Montana Mongoose Vice with a lifetime guarantee. 

The second tool is Fly Tying Bobbin, owing to which we can wind the thread on the hook. The best of these are the ones with a porcelain insert as they seldom cut the thread. 
The Finisher is the other useful device to complete the process of fly tying. You can, of course, use your fingers, but with the Finisher this step is much easier. 
Moreover, we need: a pair of scissors (sharp, narrow, with a sharp point), some fly tying pliers, a needle for glue application (we apply glue on a head and back of a fly), an hair sticker (to place a hair of animals), a Comb (used to comb dubbing – I use a handmade comb of a burr). 
We should consider also investing in a fly tying bench/desk to have all materials in one place. There are a lot of different items available on the market, so step by step, I will be describing the most useful ones. 
When we have the stuff above, we can start our work.
I do not remember any other flies, which bravely fought its way into the fly boxes as the  Squirmy worm. Although it seems controversial, no one can accuse Squirmy worm of ineffectiveness. 
Flies made of this material have a simple structure. However, I would like to show and recommend you my version (more durable than flies made only of “Squirmy” material). 
I kindly invite you to tie. 
What we need: Hook-hends BL 500 or 554 size 10# Thread – uni red 8.0 Lead – 0,5 mm Tungsten beads – silver, pink, red gold etc. 3,8 Thin silver wire Shellback pearl Squirmy for tail Optional – yellow thread for the Ring Pink condom or other pink flat rubber. 
The effectiveness of this material probably lies in its flexibility and light reflections similar to living organisms. 
Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, follow me on Wild Society App too!
Good luck!
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